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The Government has issued new guidance on what we can and can't do as the pandemic continues and we all do our best to keep the 'R' rate below the magic 1.0.  The guidelines were updated on 29th May and can be read by clicking on the following link - 'latest guidance'.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Holmtree Lane (first left off the northbound A6108 after leaving the village) has been popular with walkers and cyclists setting off on their daily exercise.  Some may have noticed the beehives in the field about 100 metres up the lane after the first bend.  Well, it turns out the bees have noticed us too and one resident has recently sustained a nasty sting from what seems to be newly aggressive swarm.


Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe just bad luck, but it's worth keeping a sharp lookout and being prepared to beat a hasty retreat if you think the sentries have spotted you.  This is especially true if you have young children with you or if you or your companions are in any way allergic.

Drive through testing will be available at Harrogate Hydro on Jennyfield Drive this Saturday and Sunday from 11 am - 3 pm.  Self-isolating key workers (either displaying symptoms themselves or with a household member displaying symptoms) and key workers' chidren with symptoms are the only people eligible for testing at this time.


The list of eligible jobs is at and eligible individuals can reister for a test at  If a test centre is not showing as available this means it has reached its capacity for that day.

See below for three links to Government advice following The Prime Minister's TV address on Sunday.  If all is not clear when you've read this, you won't be alone!  Stay safe and stay home as much as possible would still seem to be the best approach.


This is the link to advice on what you can and can't do (but see also later update shown above from 29th May) followed by another link to specific advice on staying safe outside your home and finally Our Plan to Rebuild - The UK Government's Covid-19 Recovery Strategy for those who seek the nitty-gritty.


Happy reading and stay safe and stay well!

Throughout the week at 16:00, officers from the Economic Crime Unit of North Yorkshire Police will be holding a Facebook Live session on the NYP Facebook page.  This week (w/c 20th April), there will be a presentation and advice from the Cybercrime unit.  If you want to stay safe on-line and are concerned about scams and internet crime , this is worth joining.

The Government has issued new guidance in a bid to answer concerns about the effect, if any, of coronavirus on the food we all eat .  Details are here - Guidance for consumers on coronavirus (COVID-19) and food

The village website aims to provide residents with a one-stop-shop for information and guidance during the coronavirus pandemic.  Check out the News & Events articles that follow this one for links to advice from central government, North Yorkshire County Council, Mashamshire Community Office, the police, local voluntary organisations, and retail suppliers offering services during lockdown.

Meantime, here is a link to information and services from Harrogate Borough Council which we hope you will find helpful.

Stay safe and well, follow the lockdown guidance, and we can all keep our fingers crossed for an early end to the crisis.

A large number of businesses in the local area are offering enhanced services during the coronavirus crisis.  The table below shows who is offering what, whether they will deliver and how you can pay, as well as contact details for each business.  The list has been developing over the past few weeks and, while we do our best to make sure listings are accurate, please always check with the supplier before attempting to place an order.  Of course, the major supermarkets all offer delivery services and some are offering special opening hours for key workers and those over 70.  Again, please check with your preferred supplier as offers are constantly changing.

Many cafes and restaurants are offering takeaway and, in some cases, delivery services.  These are shown in the second table but, again, please check before ordering.

We cannot specifically recommend any of these suppliers and the list is provided only to raise awareness of what is on offer.


Click here to view the list (updated 5th May)







A copy of the Government's most recent advice on staying at home and away from others is on this link.  Click here to view the guidance.

The Government is also providing council tax relief for vulnerable households.  There is to be a £500 million 'hardship fund' to provide support.  Details of the press release can be found at

Government Guidance for landlords, tenants and local authorities has now been published and can be seen on-line by searching 'COVID-19 and renting' and selecting the option. We will provide a link to the site as soon as possible.

The Government has also set up a WhatsApp Group to provide up-to-the-minute information and guidance.  Simply add 07860 064422 to your contacts and then message 'hi' to that number in WhatsApp.  You will receive a list of options from which you can select every item or just those of particular interest.  The group will also receive the latest guidance and news of developments.  The link is here.

H&RCVS is a useful source of information not only on COVID-19 but on a whole range of services and volunteering opportunities in the local area.  

They have increased the frequency of their E-Bulletins during the crisis and details can be found at, by e-mailing or by telephoning 01423 504074.  The website has a sign-up page for those who would like the bulletin delivered straight to their Inbox.

The county council had produced guidance for people using their adult social care and public health services and those who make direct payments to the council.  The information can be found on this link.

Mashamshire Community Office is providing daily updates by email to anyone who subscribes to their newsletter.  The daily bulletin contains a variety of information from central and local government, other agencies and local businesses.  To subscribe go to and scroll down to 'join the emailing list'.


Household Waste Recycling Centre

The County Council has today (24th March 2020) announced that all of its Household Waste Recycling Centres are closed with immediate effect and until further notice.  Normal recycling, household and garden waste collections remain unchanged for the time being. Future developments can be checked at


Children's Play Area

The Parish Council has also taken the decision to close the North Stainley Children's Play Area in keeping with public health guidelines.  The closure is effective immediately.  Please, in the interests of keeping everyone safe and well, do not enter or attempt to use the facilities there.


North Yorkshire to Police No-Driving Rules

North Yorkshire Police have said they intend having mobile patrols to stop motorists from making unnecessary journeys.  see for details.

There is a new voluntary group in North Stainley to help residents during the coronavirus pandemic.  Details below:


Corona Help NS A4




In 2017, the District Council introduced charges for the Garden Refuse Service.

The charge for the opt-in subscription service for collections from mid-March to end November 2020 (19 fortnightly collections) is £41 this year. You can apply at Harrogate Borough Council Garden Waste or by phoning Customer Services on 01423 500600. You will need a debit or credit card.  The dates of first and final collections will be confirmed once you have subscribed.


COVID-19 - PLEASE NOTE: HBC has announced a break in collections in April owing to the impact of coronavirus.  Details are at

The 'In at the Start' project on the new Pennycroft Quarry extension run by High Batts Nature Reserve has won a prestigious international Quarry Life Award in a competition sponsored by HeidelbergCement that recognises the skills and efforts of a wide-ranging team of conservation volunteers, photographers and surveyors.

The work will continue over the coming months and years and, for now, the extension is off-limits except on special occasions.  Monitoring and management of the site goes on even as Heidelberg begins to extract the valuable gravels from deep pits within it.

Watch this space for more news as the project develops or go to the High Batts Website for more details and further announcements.

History Books

The link below will provide you with a fascinating insight into life as it used to be in our village.

North Stainley has a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) which is kept in a yellow box on the Village Hall veranda, facing the recreation ground.  The only way to access the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which it contains, is to dial 999 (or 112).  Would you know when to use it and what to do with it?  If not, please read on - it may save someone's life.

Many of you will have seen David Attenborough's Blue Planet episode when he exposed the frightening levels of plastic pollution in our oceans. The programme caused quite a stir and there is now pressure from all directions for something to be done about it.

Many of you will have seen leaflets and other publicity for Masham Liftshare which uses the web to help connect people travelling in similar directions at similar times to travel together and share costs.  The scheme also helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution.  

What you may not have realised is that residents of North Stainley are more than welcome to participate.  The scheme is called Masham Liftshare but it covers the whole of the local area and villages.

If you think you might benefit from Liftshare simply call 01765 680200, email or go to the Liftshare Website.  There are successful schemes all over the country and you can choose to share as little or as often as you like for any journey you make.

...and getting paid for it?  There is a job opportunity at the Village Hall for a Caretaker/Cleaner.