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Would all users and residents please note that, with effect from April 1st, there will be extensive work in progress on the Recreation Ground to prepare for the upcoming cricket season.

The work will impact on access to various areas of the ground, especially the football nets.  Both goal posts will be put out of action for around 8 weeks and the area cordoned off and signposted while treatment and reseeding to re-establish a playable surface are being undertaken.  While this going on, NO sports activity will be permitted in the affected area.

Access for cars is also being withdrawn and there will no provision for parking.  The owner of dark blue Honda FD51HMY is asked to remove it from the recreation ground before 1st April.

The Sports and Recreation Trust and the Cricket Club thank everyone for their cooperation while the work is in progress.

The North Stainley Sports and Recreation Trust owns and manages the Village Hall, Recreation Ground and Jubilee Garden.  The trustees have been giving some thought to expanding the Trust's current role in order to provide support for other activities in the village and surrounding area.  The aim is to the benefit both young and old (and all those in between).

Before any decisions can be made, the Trust is keen to gather as wide a range of views and ideas as possible.  This will be used to inform their approach in the months and years ahead as they work on our behalf to create new opportunities, introduce different activities and, ultimately, bring people closer to their surroundings and to each other.

Please spare a little time and thought to filling in the brief survey which you will find here - Survey Link.  For those who prefer 'pen and ink', a paper version of the survey will be mailed out across the village on 29th March for you to fill in.


As with the previous lockdown, volunteers in the village have compiled a comprehensive list of services being offered by local supermarkets, restaurants, butchers, bakers and other everyday essentials.  There are many new outlets which were not included in the past so the list is well worth a quick look before you attempt any shopping.


The list can be viewed here.

Community spirit is clearly still in evidence, as it was during Lockdown 1, and once again the Local Voluntary Support Group for North Stainley and Sleningford has offered its services to help anyone who might be in need of help and support.  Contact details are shown below, as well as a call for volunteers to help with this very worthwhile collective effort.



Staveley Arms Bar

In amongst all the Covid-19 bad news in 2020 has come one very welcome piece of good news for North Stainley.  The village pub is back up and running again!

Now back in its traditional guise as the Staveley Arms and under skilled and experienced new management, things are definitely looking up.  The new team, led by chef Dave Mathews, was until recently in charge at the Bruce Arms in West Tanfield and so has no shortage of experience or local knowledge.  Although the move was not without risk in these 'unprecedented' times, the Staveley Arms has rewarded the team's courage and has been consistently busy since it reopened.  The pub has been given a comprehensive internal facelift which makes it seem much brighter and spacious than in its earlier incarnations.  The menus aim to appeal to a wide range of tastes and, wherever possible, local suppliers and sources are used.

Naturally, full Covid-19 precautions are in place and every care is being taken to ensure the safety of both customers and staff.

For sample menus and other information go to

The attached document has been issued by Harrogate Borough Council.


link here - Test & Trace Support System

As people stay closer to home as a result of the pandemic, local footpaths are being used increasingly by residents for their daily exercise.  Those same footpaths are also used by dog walkers, most of whom are kind enough to pick up after their dogs, thus ensuring that paths and fields remain poo-free.  

Unfortunately, some owners do not obey the rules and the Parish Council has noted a significant increase in dog-fouling reports. Some owners allow their dogs to foul the footway, others have been seen sending them to foul farmers' fields, while yet others go to the trouble of bagging the waste and then throw it into woodland or adjacent fields.  On behalf of the whole North Stainley community, the Parish Council appeals to the irresponsible few to mend their ways and pick up after their dogs thus making local paths safer and more pleasant for everyone.

poo fairy 2


The leaflet below is a reminder to dog owners of their legal responsibilities:



Mashamshire Community Office is providing daily updates by email to anyone who subscribes to their newsletter.  The daily bulletin contains a variety of information from central and local government, other agencies and local businesses.  To subscribe go to and scroll down to 'join the emailing list'.

14th July 2020 - Health & Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock with the latest pronouncement on what to wear when shopping.  Face coverings will be mandatory from 24th July.


Full details here.

14th July 2020 - The Government has updated its guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable.


The link to is here

History Books

The link below will provide you with a fascinating insight into life as it used to be in our village.

North Stainley has a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) which is kept in a yellow box on the Village Hall veranda, facing the recreation ground.  The only way to access the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which it contains, is to dial 999 (or 112).  Would you know when to use it and what to do with it?  If not, please read on - it may save someone's life.

In 2017, the District Council introduced charges for the Garden Refuse Service.

The charge for the opt-in subscription service for collections from mid-March to end November 2020 (19 fortnightly collections) is £41 this year. You can apply at Harrogate Borough Council Garden Waste or by phoning Customer Services on 01423 500600. You will need a debit or credit card.  The dates of first and final collections will be confirmed once you have subscribed.

COVID-19 - the pandemic has at times impacted on HBC's ability to deliver services. For details of any changes, please check at

The Government has issued new guidance in a bid to answer concerns about the effect, if any, of coronavirus on the food we all eat .  Details are here - Guidance for consumers on coronavirus (COVID-19) and food