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The AGM will be held virtually this year. Details of the agenda and how to join the Zoom meeting are behind the link that follows:





The attached document has been issued by Harrogate Borough Council.


link here - Test & Trace Support System

The new rules introduced by the government on September 23rd in an effort to stem the tide of Covid-19 cases can be read here - September 23 Covid Rules

Just in case you were unclear on the latest rules and guidance on Covid prevention (and who isn't?), here is a link to the latest government do's and don't.


September Covid Guidance

As people stay closer to home as a result of the pandemic, local footpaths are being used increasingly by residents for their daily exercise.  Those same footpaths are also used by dog walkers, most of whom are kind enough to pick up after their dogs, thus ensuring that paths and fields remain poo-free.  

Unfortunately, some owners do not obey the rules and the Parish Council has noted a significant increase in dog-fouling reports. Some owners allow their dogs to foul the footway, others have been seen sending them to foul farmers' fields, while yet others go to the trouble of bagging the waste and then throw it into woodland or adjacent fields.  On behalf of the whole North Stainley community, the Parish Council appeals to the irresponsible few to mend their ways and pick up after their dogs thus making local paths safer and more pleasant for everyone.

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The leaflet below is a reminder to dog owners of their legal responsibilities:


Dog fouling and you leaflet 1

Mashamshire Community Office is providing daily updates by email to anyone who subscribes to their newsletter.  The daily bulletin contains a variety of information from central and local government, other agencies and local businesses.  To subscribe go to and scroll down to 'join the emailing list'.

14th July 2020 - Health & Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock with the latest pronouncement on what to wear when shopping.  Face coverings will be mandatory from 24th July.


Full details here.

14th July 2020 - The Government has updated its guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable.


The link to is here

Here is a link to the latest guidance from the government on what you can and can't now do.

23.6 Covid advice

Unless your name happens to be Cummings, here are the latest rules, guidelines and FAQs on the Coronavirus outbreak issued on June 10th 2020. June 2020 Covid advice

The Government has issued new guidance on what we can and can't do as the pandemic continues and we all do our best to keep the 'R' rate below the magic 1.0.  The guidelines were updated on 29th May and can be read by clicking on the following link - 'latest guidance'.

See below for three links to Government advice following The Prime Minister's TV address on Sunday.  If all is not clear when you've read this, you won't be alone!  Stay safe and stay home as much as possible would still seem to be the best approach.


This is the link to advice on what you can and can't do (but see also later update shown above from 29th May) followed by another link to specific advice on staying safe outside your home and finally Our Plan to Rebuild - The UK Government's Covid-19 Recovery Strategy for those who seek the nitty-gritty.


Happy reading and stay safe and stay well!

History Books

The link below will provide you with a fascinating insight into life as it used to be in our village.

North Stainley has a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD) which is kept in a yellow box on the Village Hall veranda, facing the recreation ground.  The only way to access the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which it contains, is to dial 999 (or 112).  Would you know when to use it and what to do with it?  If not, please read on - it may save someone's life.

Many of you will have seen David Attenborough's Blue Planet episode when he exposed the frightening levels of plastic pollution in our oceans. The programme caused quite a stir and there is now pressure from all directions for something to be done about it.

In 2017, the District Council introduced charges for the Garden Refuse Service.

The charge for the opt-in subscription service for collections from mid-March to end November 2020 (19 fortnightly collections) is £41 this year. You can apply at Harrogate Borough Council Garden Waste or by phoning Customer Services on 01423 500600. You will need a debit or credit card.  The dates of first and final collections will be confirmed once you have subscribed.


COVID-19 - PLEASE NOTE: HBC has announced a break in collections in April owing to the impact of coronavirus.  Details are at

The Government has issued new guidance in a bid to answer concerns about the effect, if any, of coronavirus on the food we all eat .  Details are here - Guidance for consumers on coronavirus (COVID-19) and food