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Many of you will have seen David Attenborough's Blue Planet episode when he exposed the frightening levels of plastic pollution in our oceans. The programme caused quite a stir and there is now pressure from all directions for something to be done about it.


Like charity, action to save the planet can most easily be initiated at the most local level, home.

There is a new movement based in Ripon, called appropriately Plastic Free Ripon, which aims to reduce the use of plastics throughout the district and they are hoping to garner widespread support from both businesses and individual residents.  Posters are already appearing on local shops showing the steps they are taking to reduce or eliminate the use of plastics, and the organisers are working to recruit more businesses to their cause.

The aim is eventually to make Ripon a nationally recognised Plastic Free community with benefits to tourism, the environment, local nature and wildlife but also to the local economy by attracting eco-friendly businesses to the area.

If you would like to know more, contact Emma Pilkington or Sara Trewhitt at or follow them on Facebook at Plastic Free Ripon or Twitter at @plasticfreehg4.