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Few will have missed the news in the summer of Major Chris Brannigan, the "Barefoot Soldier", and his epic 700-mile walk from Land's End to Edinburgh to help fund research into his daughter Hasti's rare condition.  These things have a habit of spreading and, sure enough, his route has now been divided into 120 segments, each of which is being walked by volunteers to raise awareness and further funds.  The "baton" being passed from group to group is Obama the Llama, one of Hasti's favourite toys, and one handover will be taking place in North Stainley on Monday 16th November 2020.

Obama will make his way to Ripon Cathedral by about 11:30 am where he will be passed into the care of members from the Dishforth Military Wives Choir who will then (brave and soggy souls) carry him along the Ripon Rowel route to North Stainley Village Hall for handing on to the next group.  They should be easily identifiable.  While everyone else will be huddled in waterprooofs and fleeces, the walkers will be wearing yellow t-shirts and will be .. erm .. barefoot!  That isn't going to be easy or comfortable so if you feel you can support their efforts there are a couple of ways to donate.  You can go to or the walkers will be toting a donation bucket.  'Tis already the season of goodwill so please turn out, if you can, along the route or at the village hall and give generously.  Timings are difficult to judge but 5 miles at less than a couple of miles per hour (it's not a route march!) with stops is probably going to take around three hours/three and a half hours?