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Share your views and ideas for the Sports & Recreation Trust.
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The North Stainley Sports and Recreation Trust owns and manages the Village Hall, Recreation Ground and Jubilee Garden.  The trustees have been giving some thought to expanding the Trust's current role in order to provide support for other activities in the village and surrounding area.  The aim is to the benefit both young and old (and all those in between).

Before any decisions can be made, the Trust is keen to gather as wide a range of views and ideas as possible.  This will be used to inform their approach in the months and years ahead as they work on our behalf to create new opportunities, introduce different activities and, ultimately, bring people closer to their surroundings and to each other.

Please spare a little time and thought to filling in the brief survey which you will find here - Survey Link.  For those who prefer 'pen and ink', a paper version of the survey will be mailed out across the village on 29th March for you to fill in.