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From the North Stainley Sports & Recreation Trust

"The Trust's recent survey generated a very encouraging response from the community and participation rates were significantly higher than is normal for such surveys.  Although the results reflected views from a good cross-section of village residents, those in the younger age bracket were unfortunately under-represented.

Overall, people gave very positive feedback reflecting what could be summarised as 'living in a picturesque village situated in a beautiful location with a thriving community'.  There were clearly some areas where residents felt there was room for improvement, particularly in the area of infrastructure and services. Improvements in these ares would, it was felt, make day-to-day living easier, the village more sustainable, and would take North Stainley from being an attractive to an aspirational place to live and make a home.

A significant number of the suggestions made fell outside the remit or gift of the Sports & Recreation Trust and the committee has since discussed ways and means of sharing these findings, of working with other village groups and perhaps even of reviewing the Trust's current mandate.  The aim would be to drive and support initiatives either independently or by working with others as appropriate.

Following discussions with other interested parties in the coming days, the committee will be sharing detailed feedback on the survey outcomes with the community, will share plans for the future from across the village, and will listen to and discuss your views on them.

Thank you again for your support and patience.  We will be in touch again very soon."